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At GEOEXO we believe discovering valuable resources takes real determination and insight. Our name stands for what we do - searching further to bring rare candidate talent to the surface and into view of our exceptional client companies.

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Deep Thinking

Deeper Relationships. Higher Praise.

Completion Supervisor Angola

"GEOEXO will not only do the job assigned to them, but will make sure that the whole process runs smoothly."

Hydropower Engineer Singapore

"I highly recommend GEOEXO as a recruitment company - they gets results, act fast and are a pleasure to deal with."

Drilling Operation Engineer Angola

"GEOEXO have moved swiftly and efficiently matching me with a new role perfectly and securing a great package."

Wind Turbine Technician Germany

"GEOEXO have been totally committed from the start of our introduction & have remained in touch, offering assistance as required & prepared to go that extra mile to help."

Offshore Learning and Development Specialist United Kingdom

"It was simple things like phoning me up before my interview to wish me luck and check that everything was okay; meeting me for coffee afterwards to discuss how things went - a very personal, but not overdone service."

Fabrication Supervisor Antwerb

"GEOEXO are a very result orientated organisation to work with, they are on the mark and follow up immediately on tasks that may occur. The renewables team is helpful, professional and very pleasant."

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